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We use infrared Mineral Healing Lamp Therapy to help the treatment of Muscleskeletical and Rheumatologic disorders.

How does the Heat Therapy works?

The infrared therapy energy penetrates up to 3 inches, and stimulates microcirculation; delivering high levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, while helps eliminating toxins and cellular waste.

Moxibustion is used for people who have a cold or stagnant condition. The moxa stick is burned to warm up the blood and qi that are not circulating well. The moxibustion is used to treat a variety of conditions such as:

When should I use heat therapy?

The Infrared heat, or an Herbal Heat treatment, can help eliminate local cold, relax tight muscles, alleviate pain, or strengthen weak acupuncture points.

What can be treated with Heat Therapy?

Natural, safe, the Infrared Therapy Mineral Healing Lamp is recommended for relief of:

Degenerative Joint Diseases

Sub acute and Chronic Arthritis Conditions

Diseases of Temporomandibular Joint

Periathritis and Bursitis

Soft Tissue Trauma, Traumatic Arthritis

Pain, stiffness and secondary muscle spasm in chronic arthritis

Back pain

Muscle strains and spasm

Recent injuries

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