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About Acuhomeo

Our goal in healing goes beyond treating a symptom, but treating the whole person.
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8615 Commodity Circle Orlando, FL
(407) 373-0606
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Monday - 9am to 5pm
Tuesday - 9am to 5pm
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Our Services

Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan that is specifically designed for you and your current needs. Different services will be provided for each of our patients. Each of our treatments has its own purpose, power and may address illnesses & conditions more effectively than others. 

We take the time to sit down with our patients to ensure that we are meeting your needs and to devise a plan together for your health so that you can restore your health naturally.


Natural medicine that works by using a small dose of a substance to help stimulate the body's healing process. It’s effective, safe, and gentle.


Acupuncture is a complete medical approach focused on correcting imbalances of energy in the body.

Acupuncture is an energy healing modality, now have legitimate scientific explanation and support in the Quantum Physics.

Auricular Acupuncture

Acupuncture performed using points on the ear that have been mapped to specific anatomic areas of the body.


Is a suction technique to pull toxins build up in muscles from the body’s deeper tissue to the surface of the skin.

No More Pain!

Imagine yourself in suffering, coming into Acupuncture & Homeopathy center and leaving with your pain releaved and peace of mind!

Infrared Therapy

The infrared therapy energy penetrates up to 3 inches, and stimulates microcirculation; delivering high levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, while helps eliminating toxins and cellular waste.